5 Free Concrete Textures


I use textures every day in my illustrations - they are my favourite way to give my work depth and enhance colour.

Below are five gorgeous concrete textures from the paths around my neighbourhood. I took my phone and went for a wander and the streets around my house on the hill didn't disappoint!

Each file is a high resolution jpeg, perfect for graphic design work or digital art. Scroll past the image preview below for a download link for all five textures.

Tips for using textures:

  1. In Photoshop, embed your texture by clicking File/Place Embedded and then choose your file and click 'place'. 
  2. Clip the texture layer to the part of your design you want to texture by using a clipping mask.
  3. I like using the blending mode 'Colour Burn' and reducing the opacity to suit the level of texture I want to show. Colour Burn makes the colours really pop.

Download the files and start creating!

I'd love to see your designs - tag me using the hashtag #rachaelmcleanfreebies so I can share your awesome work too.

Rachael McLean