Forest Advent Calendar


Way back in 2013 when I was a full time DIY blogger, I made this cute little forest advent calendar. It was one of my post popular posts and I still get people asking me about it today!

So I thought I'd make it available again here now as a freebie so that you can get crafty with your littles and make a fun countdown to Christmas.


1. Download the file and print onto a nice white card stock

2. Make the base board using a piece of wood with 24 holes drilled into it, large enough to hold a tooth pick. I stained my wood to give it a nice, rich colour. The size of your base will depend on how close together you want the trees. Mine was 24cm x 15cm.

3. Cut out the trees, write a little activity for that day on the back and then stick the toothpick on to the back.

4. Poke the trees randomly into the holes and you're ready to go!


This advent calendar looks so pretty on the shelf at Christmas and having a little activity to do everyday, rather than eat a chocolate, means you're a lot healthier after 24 days too!

Download your calendar and share your trees using #rachaelmcleanfreebies.

Merry Christmas!